Michael V. Spelman,  CFP®

Michael V. Spelman, CFP®

Mr. Spelman cofounded Myrmidon in 2018 on the idea that most wealth management firms were stuck in the past in either technology, process, or fiduciary duty - and after searching for months and coming up empty,  wanted to create a new entity that featured all three as cornerstones.

He began his financial career at New York Life in 2013, before moving on to Sandy Spring Bank, and later Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Michael has attained the Certified Financial Planner designation. In addition he runs The GUL Guy, a specialty life insurance website.

Michael is currently located in New York - but wants to free himself from the same oppressive office spaces he is trying to free his clients from.

Matthew T. Espina

Matthew T. EsPINA

Mr. Espina has the heart of a teacher, with extensive experience in the training and development industry. He understands that knowledge, especially financial advice, needs to be put into action to make a difference. Matthew has worked an alphabet soup of federal agencies for over a decade to help employees and contractors take their careers and skills to the next level, including NASA, CBP, DOE, FSI, NNSA, and NIH.

Mr. Espina is a cofounder at Myrmidon, an avid Dave Ramsey fan, and an FPU coordinator. Where Michael is the financial genius behind the company, Matthew makes sure that clients understand exactly what, why, and how their goals will be met.

He ensures clients only invest in what they understand, making informed decisions for their financial well-being.