Matthew T. Espina

Matthew T. EsPINA

I am the founder of Myrmidon, an avid Dave Ramsey fan, and an FPU coordinator. I make sure that you understand exactly what, why, and how your goals will be met through the Baby Steps and my investment advice.

I started and focused this company to exclusively serve followers of Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps. There are too many advisors with an offering that is Dave-ish. They don’t want you to invest according to Dave’s four recommended categories. They change your portfolio and temper your expectations of returns to 6%. They don’t take the time to teach and coach you for investment success.

I am an advisor with over a decade of experience in the training and education industry. I help you turn knowledge into action that knowledge, especially financial advice, needs to be put into action to make a difference. I ensure you invest only in what you understand.