Your Financial Plan

When building a bridge, you know where you want it to start and where you want it to end.  Then you hire a professional to design and build it.  This analogy applies directly to your financial needs.  You know where you are and where you want to go.  As your financial professionals, we work with you to design the bridge, bring it into being, and move towards your target.

Meeting With You


Our investment process begins by supporting intentionality behind financial decisions. How well does our current path reflect what we want to accomplish? How well are our goals aligned with savings habits, planned expenditures, and investment decisions?



Personalized financial education sessions support our clients to make informed decisions on our investment plan. We provide options and recommendations based on the identified needs and intent. We discuss and come to agreement on our financial priorities and expectations.


Implement & Evaluate

As we make our investment plans a reality, Myrmidon provides updates against projections, confirms progress with planned walkthroughs, check-ins, and automated reporting. As life unfolds and the markets rise and fall, when do we need to make adjustments to our plan?